“Maybe you didn’t believe in it enough:” Confirmation Bias in Birth Classes | Albany NY, Saratoga NY Childbirth Education

So, ages ago, it was announced that there would be a blog coming out regarding the Bradley Method of Childbirth, which got both support and a bit of backlash, specifically in regards to posting some of the negatives of the program. One piece of feedback that appeared common in the dissent was: "we haven't [...]

Midwife practices in the Albany NY & Capital Region | Capital Region Doulas, Saratoga, Troy

Have you decided to go with the midwifery model of care for your current pregnancy, but also want the reassurance of the hospital setting? We've rounded up a list with the contact information of the midwife practices in the Troy, Saratoga and Albany region. All the practices listed employ midwives for delivery exclusively, or [...]

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CDC and placenta encapsulation warnings…what’s the real deal? | Placenta Encapsulation Doula Albany, Schenectady, Troy

Sorry for the late response, there was a hesitation to write up any sort of post on this subject, especially given the emotional responses this issue elicited from both (deservedly) upset parents as well as from placenta encapsulation specialists, some quick to point fingers without taking the whole picture into account. So today, let's [...]

Where to Get 4D Ultrasound in Albany, Saratoga and the Hudson Valley | Upstate NY, Capital Region Gender & Anatomy Scans

Are you expecting in the Albany, NY region and really want to take an extra peek at your little bundle? Perhaps your routine ultrasound at your Capital District OB-GYN or midwife office yielded well, some blurry bits instead of definitive genitialia. Maybe multiple losses make those extra views a personal necessity for your emotional well [...]

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Prenatal Yoga in Albany, Saratoga, Troy & Schenectady NY | Upstate New York and Hudson Valley Doulas

Are you pregnant in the Capital Region and looking for prenatal yoga classes to assist you with relaxation or birthing preparation? Google yielding too many results to sift through. We've done the work for you! Check out some of the area's top rated pregnancy yoga providers in the Albany to Saratoga region. [...]

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