Considering placenta encapsulation in the Albany or Capital Region and overwhelmed by your options? Make the choice of most area families for the professional, safe option: Albany Doula! Taking your baby’s only placenta with Cara’s specialty preparation program may provide astounding results to improve your postpartum period, such as :

  • Increased energy to care for your new bundle of joy
  • A mega dose of nutritional benefits with vitamins and minerals such as iron
  • Improved mood and avoiding the Baby Blues
  • Potential for an increase of breast milk supply
  • Decreased recovery time due to the remaining hormones in your baby’s placenta
  • Long term placental solutions through a high efficacy tincture
  • Enjoying the benefits of add on services such as birth doulas and postpartum doula assistance

Regardless of all the anecdotally reported potential benefits, the main benefit of hiring Cara and Nicole to process your placenta is the reassurance you need in knowing you are getting a safe product, made by the area’s professional outsourced encapsulation service. Albany Doula provides postpartum families with expertly prepared encapsulations at a fee that is right for your budget, while never leaving you to wonder if your provider is skimping on safety supplies to save a buck. For more information on questions to ask potential encapsulators, read our blog here.

Starting at just $250*

*for Sage-Femme clients. Hospital encapsulation starts at $300 and up. Late fees past 36 weeks booking and distance costs may apply.

Concerned about the news from the CDC? Click here for info on our practices.

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Chinese medicine has long revered the placenta as a dynamic source of both nutrition and energetic power for thousands of years. Luckily, as a modern parent, you can enjoy the same without having to eat your baby’s placenta sauteed or boiled! Pills are a convenient way to consume the placenta without the ick factor.

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