Simplifying your family life, one hour at a time.

New baby turning the house upside down? Not sure what day it is anymore (maybe even the year?) We’ve got you covered. Our postpartum doulas are there for every need you can think of, so leave it to us the sweat the small stuff. Your job is already full enough with one more added to the mix. Why not invest in some extra sanity and some extra sleep?

By the Hour

  • Light home cleaning and organization
  • Infant feeding support with a qualified specialist, whether bottlefeeding, breastfeeding or pumping
  • Meal and snack preparation
  • Printable meal planning and organizing postpartum meal train
  • An ear to listen without judging, a professional to assist in processing the birth experience
  • Errand running and grocery delivery (may incur additional fees)


  • Everything included in regular postpartum doula package
  • Overnight baby care to help your family get much needed sleep
  • Get more sleep plan: a set of strategies to help resolve colic, discomforts and other issues causing sleepless nights
  • Guidance for gentle infant sleep training
  • Making bottles (if desired) and sanitizing bottles and pump parts